From the time I started teaching fitness and pre-and postnatal lessons in 1982 in my studio in Switzerland, I learned through further education a lot of different methods and dance techniques. From this knowledge I integrated various elements into my work and enriched by that the classes. One day one of my pupils mentioned the alexander technique. It sounded interesting to me and I went to receive a lesson. I was immediately fascinated. The experience contained exactly what I was searching for. How easy and light my movement felt after the lesson!

I signed up to study the alexander technique to become a teacher and completed a three-year trainer course. The diploma required a minimum of 2500 school lessons. I received my diploma in 2004 and I teach the method ever since with great enthusiasm.


I was teaching over the years the alexander technique successfully to many people at different age groups. People learn the technique for all different reasons.

  • Swiss Association of Teachers of the F.M. Alexander Technique - SBAT

Certified Member of the Swiss Association of Teachers of the F.M. Alexander Technique. Link to Website

Certified Member of the Israeli Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique Link to Website